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The Synopsis
HOMELESS BY CHOICE – a research on the architecture of a Woman’s identity in Malaysia. Does a house/home nourish one’s existence? ;or is it a parasitic institution, where one is mutilated continuously by the expenses of its many repetitious favors? If it is, then why does a house/home never ceased to be one of the most important benchmark of a person’s stability? If a house/home reflects the ideal of security and stability in the form of materials that symbolizes permanence, then what will be the real deal if one decided to be mobile and impermanence; especially when one is a woman in her forties; where marriage is sacred and a house/home is a kingdom; will one be able to survive the longing of having one’s ‘own space’? How far will one go in tolerating with constructed values of one’s society upbringing?
‘Homeless by Choice’ is an antithesis how a Woman should be.

Beginning with a question on ‘the myth of security’ that the government and consumerism imposed on the people by promising happiness in a form of a ‘house’; followed by her vast reading on feminism view of the role of a woman in the society and the restrictions of her social-constructed growth of a woman’s role that nourishes the gender inequality; Mislina Mustaffa abandoned her own house and embarked on a ‘homeless and nomadic’ journey in her country with only a small bag pack for nearly 2 years now; spending her nights couch surfing at friends and strangers house and cheap backpackers dormitories and camping on the beach for almost 6 months now; which has nevertheless stirred controversial issues among the curious and fundamentalists on her identity as a Woman in this country.

Banned for a while from appearing on main media outlets, she abandoned her 20 years of acting career and now actively collaborating with international artists and local NGO on gender, human and animal rights issues and recently invited to the international program, TEDxKL Women to give a talk on her ‘Homeless by Choice’ project.

And now, this Public Enemy; suffered and survived from vast demonization by the media of her involvement in human rights activism and political movements throughout her quest; is more than ready to document her experience and findings in a written format that includes photos and scribbles from her personal journal and diverse commentaries and critiques from her society; and is ready to share with the world of an alternative way of life and the consequences she is currently going through right now.

Biodata of the author
MISLINA MUSTAFFA has been shedding tears, sweat and blood re-presenting all sorts of women characters with different history and socio-economic background in her 15 years of performing on stages and screens, among them films by award winning directors (Reference A) and was nominated for Best Actress Award in 23rd Malaysia Film Festival 2010 for the film Karaoke by Chris Chong. She was also awarded Best Actress in Johor Theatre Festival 1997. Through her work she found out that the body alone is not enough to define her as a woman. A woman is not a completed reality, but rather a becoming, and it is in her becoming that her possibilities should be defined, not to reduce her to what she has been or to what she is today, in raising the question of her capabilities. This nature of transcendent action means, no one is able to close the book till the time comes for it to close by itself.

Information about the book:
Author: Mislina Mustaffa
ISBN: 978967118573
Year of publication: 2013
Price: RM30
*excluding postage charges

To order;

1. Pls SMS 0122290944 (Type <HOMELESS BY CHOICE>)
2. After confirmation from the administrator, pay the amount to or Maybank Kawanku to account Faisal bin Mustaffa (MBB 114179439605)

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Film stars and directors, heroes and heroines, villains and mentors, romance and comedy, drama and tragedy, thrillers and action - these are the stuff that movies are made of. And they have been entertaining us for almost 120 years ever since the first film was screened in Paris in 1895. But long before cinema, entertainment existed in many other forms. Chief among them were the stories told by the oral storyteller. This, then, developed into the structured performances of theatre, and finally culminated in the youngest and the most exciting – and mysterious - of the arts: cinema.

The beginnings of Malay Cinema in the 1930s saw actors from bangsawan (Malay opera), being cast as heroes and heroines. Introduced to the new medium, audiences, however, saw the familiar faces of actors and the well-known stories of bangsawan with their recurring themes of family, romance and royalty, and replete with the same song-and-dance sequences. The link with the historical and cultural past was thus maintained and so the arrival of cinema was not a cultural shock for the locals.

With the influx of foreign films into the country at the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese entrepreneurs began to see the potential of entertainment and soon set up amusement parks that catered initially to the working class. A few films were made in the late 1930s but it was only after the Second World War that film production began in earnest.

The early films were a motley collection of tearjerkers, melodrama, horror, comedy and romance that were treated in a classical manner with most of them initially being in the style of the bangsawan performances that were exceedingly popular with the locals. Many film directors continued to maintain the melodramatic narratives and styles even well into the 1980s. But approaches grounded in reality had already begun to emerge in the early 1950s when some Malay film directors like the legendary P. Ramlee, Hussein Haniff and M. Amin began to helm productions that moved in tandem with the mainstream melodramas and tearjerkers.

A parallel movement was again seen when the First New Wave of alternative filmmakers appeared on the scene in the early 1980s who worked alongside the mainstream filmmakers. This group brought to the screen stories and a style that had never been seen before. They brought serious subjects and issues of a post-Independent Malaysia that was faced with new problems and new challenges. And with the Second New Wave of (digital) filmmakers beginning in the late 1990s, Malaysian cinema became even more colourful. New ground was broken and ‘The Little Cinema of Malaysia’ was born.

The beginning of the millennium also saw a major shift in Malaysian cinema. Films began to be made not only in Malay, the lingua franca of the country but also in three of the major languages of the country – English, Tamil and Chinese. Many of the films produced became truly ‘Malaysian’ in look and feel, i.e., featuring stories, themes and situations that spoke of the problems and issues of not only the Malays but also of the Chinese and Indians. The ‘bottle’ that had once contained only one kind of content, now brought forth a colourful collection of stories and subjects that reflected the diverse, vibrant and evolving nature of Malaysian society with all its quirks and idiosyncracies.

1983 - BEST IDEA - Drug Abuse live action filmlet (Sri Angkasa Award – RTM)
1985 - BEST FILM TRAILER – Fit Malaysia (Sri Angkasa Award – RTM)
(Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Jakarta)
Mat Gelap (Malaysia Film Festival)
1995 - AHLI MANGKU NEGARA (AMN) – Federal Government award
2000 - ANIMATION VETERAN - Cartoonists’ Association of Malaysia
Development Corporation in conjunction with the Kre8tif Awards
2011 - ANIMATION VETERAN – Animation Society of Malaysia.
2011 - ASIAN ANIMATION PIONEER – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2012 - SPECIAL AWARD (Father of Malaysian Animation)-at the You, PM and Cartoons
Exhibition, Central Market, 24 June organised by Consortium CAW.
Community College

New Pb 620 pp.
Subjects: film, social aspects
Condition: Good
ISBN: 9789670584010
Publisher: Merpati Jingga
Published: 2013
First Edition
First Published: 2013
Price Starting at: RM55.00*

*excluding postage charges

To order;

1. Pls SMS 0122290944 (Type <MALAYSIAN CINEMA IN A BOTTLE>)
2. After confirmation from the administrator, pay the amount to or Maybank Kawanku to account Faisal bin Mustaffa (MBB 114179439605)

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CINTA RIMAU novel berkisar tentang Hasnah yang dipenjara seumur hayat atas kesalahan membunuh suami, menyebabkan anaknya Hasya membesar di kalangan msyarakat Kristian. Di dalam menempuh alam kedewasaan, Hasya bercinta dengan lelaki penuh karismatik, Bahrain Nasution dan terlibat dalam ‘cinta penjuru tiga’ (sebut cinta tiga penjuru) yang juga dicintai oleh anak tunggal Bahrain iaitu Rafael. Konflik semakin bercelaru dek etika profesionalisme yang dilanggarnya sendiri di mana Bahrain sebenarnya merupakan suami Regina Ong, klien yang mengupahnya untuk mengintip sang suami.

Maklumat buku:
Penulis: Haliza Misbun
ISBN: 9789670584027
Tahun terbit: 2013
Harga: RM28.90*
*tidak termasuk kos penghantaran

Anak didik Dato’ Rahim Razali ini tidak menoleh ke belakang lagi setelah diperkenalkan seniman tersohor itu menerusi teater ‘Kelas 2020’ pada tahun 1992. Kejayaan menggondol Anugerah Pelakon Wanita Terbaik bagi anugerah berprestij negara: Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2004 selain pelbagai lagi anugerah-anugerah unggul anjuran stesen TV serta akhbar tempatan sepanjang 21 tahun penglibatan dalam dunia lakonan, tidak sesekali menjadikan Haliza alpa dengan keupayaan diri malah menjadi pemangkin untuknya terus mencabar diri sendiri. Selain aktif sebagai pengarah, penerbit filem & TV, kreativiti baginya variasi; penulisan satu lagi cabang seni yang ingin diterokai. She may have been a monster to work with but she’s simply a genius to begin with.

*tidak termasuk kos penghantaran

Cara membeli;

1. Pls SMS 0122290944 (Type <CINTA RIMAU)
2. Selepas mendapat pengesahan daripada sms anda, bayaran dilakukan melalui atau Maybank Kawanku ke akaun Faisal bin Mustaffa (MBB 114179439605)

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Prakata oleh Adam Adli

Petikan puisi:

andai satu hari nanti
ilmu itu jadi transaksi
pasti mereka berpusu pusu
berlari telanjang ke sekolah
merangkak rangkak ke universiti
hanya untuk garap sedikit kata tahu
agar dapat mereka jadikan belanja harian

ini hanyalah andaian
jangan gusar
duit masih lagi ruji dunia kita



Dilahirkan pada 10 November 1990 di Hospital Butterworth, Pulau Pinang. Membesar di Kuala Lumpur dan bersekolah di SK Brickfields 1, Sekolah Agama Al Hidayah Bangsar, SMK Segambut Jaya dan SBPI Rawang. Sewaktu di sekolah merupakan seorang pelajar yang tidak rajin tetapi juga tidak malas. Pernah lari ke kelas aliran teknikal kerana tidak dapat menyesuaikan diri di dalam kelas aliran sains agama ketika tingkatan 4. Mula meminati mata pelajaran matematik sebelum meminati seni lukisan sewaktu sebelum mendekati seni penulisan. Oleh kerana itu, Amir melanjutkan pelajaran di dalam bidang yang tidak jauh menyimpang dari seni yang diminatinya.

Sewaktu buku AKU.DIA.DUNIA ini disiapkan Amir masih menuntut dalam bidang Seni Bina di Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Kecenderungan untuk menulis buku ini bermula sejak tahun pertama berada di kampus. Persekitaran di sekeliling yang bermacam karenah membuahkan ilham di dalam penghasilan penulisan ini. Seterusnya, minat ini diperkuatkan lagi dengan penglibatan di dalam aktiviti sosial dan kemasyarakatan yang realitinya banyak membantu di dalam mendalami isu dan mencari bahan untuk penulisan-penulisannya. Antara penulisan dari Amir boleh dilihat di


Pengarang: AmirAminHalim
ISBN: 9789670584034
Halaman: 152 mukasurat
Harga: RM20*
Terbitan: 2013

*tidak termasuk kos penghantaran

Cara membeli;

1. Pls SMS 0122290944 (Type <AKU.DIA.DUNIA)
2. Selepas mendapat pengesahan daripada sms anda, bayaran dilakukan melalui atau Maybank Kawanku ke akaun Faisal bin Mustaffa (MBB 114179439605)

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DVD Pementasan Teater M.BUTTERFLY

karya David Henry Hwang


Drama diinspirasikan oleh opera M.Butterfly David Henry Hwang. Babak pertama memperkenalkan watak utama, Rene Gallimard, yang merupakan seorang kakitangan awam melekat kepada kedutaan Perancis di China. Dia jatuh cinta dengan diva opera Cina cantik, Song Liling, yang sebenarnya seorang lelaki menyamar sebagai seorang wanita.

Dalam opera Beijing tradisional, perempuan telah diharamkan dari pentas semua peranan-peranan wanita dan telah dimainkan oleh lelaki. Babak kedua bermula dengan Song datang ke Perancis dan melanjutkan perhubungannya dengan Gallimard. Mereka berada bersama untuk 20 tahun sehingga perkara sebenar dibongkar , dan Gallimard dituduh penderhakaan dan dipenjarakan yang tidak dapat menghadapi fakta itu yangnya "wanita yang sempurna" sebenarnya seorang lelaki, bahawa telah menggayakan kerana seorang wanita selama 20 tahun mampu mengintip, dia berundur dalam dalam dirinya dan kenangannya.

Tindakan drama digambarkan kerananya terganggu, terheret ingatan peristiwa-peristiwa keliling perhubungan mereka. Babak ketiga menggambarkan Gallimard melakukan seppuku (juga dikenali sebagai harakiri, ritual bunuh diri Jepun melalui diri pengeluaran perut) manakala Song melihat dan merokok sebatang rokok.

Penerbit Eksekutif: Faisal Mustaffa
Pengarah: Mislina Mustaffa
Pelakon: Benjy, Naque Ariffin, Mislina Mustaffa
Penolong Pengarah / Pereka Visual: Azzad Mahdzir
Pengurus Pentas: Ameera
Sinografer: Yusman Mokhtar

Tarikh pementasan: 11-14 April 2013, MapKL

Harga: RM15*
*tidak termasuk kos penghantaran

Cara membeli;

1. Pls SMS 0122290944 (Type <DVD M.BUTTERFLY>)
2. Selepas mendapat pengesahan daripada sms anda, bayaran dilakukan melalui atau Maybank Kawanku ke akaun Faisal bin Mustaffa (MBB 114179439605)

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